Llewellyn Caradoc Wood Stork & Li'l Joe Buick Squirrel Greeting Card

Llewellyn Caradoc Wood Stork & Li'l Joe Buick Squirrel Greeting Card

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7 x 5", blank inside

The universe sings.  It sings through the crickets and the birds and the rippling current in the river.  It sings through the breeze rustling the marsh grasses and it sings through the creaking of the trees.  It sings of purpose and path; of why every one is here.  Li’l Joe Buick Squirrel’s parents heard the music, and recognized it.  It was somehow familiar and, they knew, their son was on his way.

The couple waited excitedly at the front door, his arms around her, their gaze panning the horizon.  Llewellyn Caradoc Wood Stork had been flying through the night to make this delivery on schedule. Of course, all of his deliveries were important; all incredibly special.  The sun was just cresting the hills to the east of the tiny home, hollowed halfway up an old flowering crabapple tree, as he rounded the last turn.  Li'l Joe Buick, his precious cargo, seemed to be eager to make his arrival, too.  As Llewellyn looked down into his sachel, he could see the tiny squirrel peeking out, filled with anticipation, his tail a-twitching.

The Public Carriage Office, responsible for regulating and licensing kinder cabriolets, authorizes only a handful of storks to carry the community’s petite voyageurs.  Llewellyn Caradoc aced every test put before him.  Some of his success came naturally; with his muscular, broad wing-span.  He also knew the local geography like the back of his wing, being born and raised in the neighbourhood.  But the rest came wholly through passion.  Llewellyn knew that this is what he was born to do.  Nothing gave him greater joy than delivering infants to their forever homes, some so small, with eyes still shut tight; others, eyes aglow and helping navigate like the best backseat driver.  

As Llewellyn and Li’l Joe finally land, the tiny door flings wide open and his parents scurry down the tree to the lawn.  As they cuddle their son, Llewellyn echoes the universe's ballad, which they in turn sing to lull Li’l Joe to sleep.  The notes soothe, and the words inspire and comfort.  As he grows, if he listens and remembers, they will be a guidepost on his journey.   And when the day comes that Li’l Joe has his own Li’l Joseppe or Li’l Pepita, their verse will add on to his, which has become part of his parents', and so on.  As the family grows, a song is created, telling its story.  Should Li’l Joe ever feel lost or alone, all he has to do is listen.  He will once again hear the crickets and the birds and the rippling current and the marsh grasses and the trees, and he will hear his parents and their parents and their parents before that.  And he will once again know his purpose and path.  This verse will carry him home.


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